Upgrading MySQL and Rails for Snow Leopard

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After upgrading  to Snow Leopard, I had a true 64 bit OS. This forced me to upgrade MySQL and the mysql ruby gems.

1. Install the 64 bit version of MySQL. I installed mysql-5.1.40-osx10.5-x86_64. The install updated your /usr/local/mysql link. It leaves your older version of mysql in place. I was running a 32 bit version before.

2. I removed all my old mysql gems using the command “sudo gem uninstall mysql”

3. Rebuild your mysql gem using the command:
env ARCHFLAGS="-arch x86_64" gem install mysql -- --with-mysql-config=/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql_config

For the future, any native gems need to be built with the flags “env ARCHFLAGS=”-arch x86_64″.

The included Preferences Panel is still 32 bit. When you open it, the System Preferences goes into 32 bit mode. Lets hope it gets fixed soon.


Leesburg 20k

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Sunday Aug 9th, 2009. I ran the Leesburg 20k on a hot and humid day. The weather report set the high at 102 degrees. I was sweating at the starting line. My focus for the day was to keep a steady pace and concentrate on hydration and nutrition. I had trouble on my previous 2 races. I needed to overcome my concerns to build my confidence for the Marine Corps Marathon in October.
Leesburg 20k

I was successful in achieving my goals. I kept my heart rate under control and my pace was nice and steady. You can see the graphs on Pronater. I have renewed confidence. Now, I believe I’ll be able to finish the Marine Corps Marathon. I finished the race in 2:12:44 with a 10:41 pace. This placed me 288 out of 331. Not a great showing. I suspect more experienced runners compete in the 20k distance. I’m happy to complete with no injuries, hydrated and feeling good.

For the last 4 miles, I was neck and neck with a run walker. He would walk. I would pass him. Then he’d run and pass me. I ran at my steady pace. This guy was run walking and keeping up with me. It was so frustrating. My new goal is to not let people run walk against me!

The advertisement for the race promised Ice Cream from Harris Teeter. I was anticipating the ice cream at the finish. It was my main motivation to finish. I got to the end. What did I find? Bananas! They didn’t bring out the ice cream. Disappointing.

Redskins Training Camp 2009

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Living in Loudoun,VA we have easy access to the Washington Redskins Training Camp in Ashburn, VA. They let fans attend the morning sessions for the first 2 weeks of camp.  Practice starts at 8:30 AM. I went out before work with my Canon 40D and my brother’s 70-200L.

As anyone in Washington knows, every year we say “this is the year”.  With the addition of Albert Haynesworth and Brian Orakpu, I’m looking forward to watching my beloved Redskins this year. I’m not sure if this is the year, but I have high hopes. Watching them practice in the heat in pads, I have a lot of respect for their determination. I guess for a million dollars I might be persuaded to run around in the heat as well.

Shamu Fishing Trip 2009

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For the 5th year in a row, I assembled my old college crew for a day of fishing on the Chesapeake. We chartered the trip with Capt. Marty of the Kyran Lynn. He has to be the best captain on the bay. We filled our Rockfish quota by 9:00 AM. Every other boat was watching in awe as our crew reeled in fish after fish. I wasn’t even on my second piece of fried chicken when we filled our quota of 23.

The goal of the trip is to assemble my old crew and retell all the old glory day stories. We achieved our goal. The weather was perfect. The catch was good. The fried chicken was tasty. Nothing like fried chicken on the bay and throwing your bones into the water.

As we’ve gotten older, we see each other less and less. I’m glad to have an annual trip to see everyone at least once a year. We may look older, but college feels like it was yesterday. When we get together, we fall right back into the glory days. I’m sure we will get together again next year and tell the same stories. I can’t wait.

Fireworks July 4th, 2009

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I’ve been waiting for a good opportunity to take proper fireworks photos. Last night, I had a great vantage point, good weather and a solid tri-pod. I used F11, ISO 100 and BULB to take these shots.

The photos were taken from the 3rd floor of the North Point Fireworks in Ocean City, MD. The show lasted 20 minutes.  July 4th is usually the busiest time in Ocean City. This year it was less crowded judging by the traffic and restaurant wait times. We hadn’t been down on the 4th in a while. We’ve missed it. This is a great place to enjoy Independence Day.

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Twilight Four Miler

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I completed the Potomac River Running Company’s Twilight Four Miler in 37:26. Officially, I was 337th out of 529 men. Not as well as I hoped, but more importantly, I maintained my heart rate and a steady pace. My goal was 9 minute miles, I ran 9:13. I consider the race a success because my heart rate remained below 170 and I was able to muster up some energy at the end to finish strong. You can see my run on Pronater.


The most satisfying part of the race was the free burritos from Moe’s at the finish line. For the last .5 miles, I had burrito on the brain. Maybe that was the encouragement to muster the energy at the end?

I was handed an envelope as I crossed the finish line. Inside was a gift certificate for a free pair of Mizuno shoes. I was randomly picked for an envelope and  won 1 of 2 certificates for the shoes. I picked up a $150 free pair of Mizuno Wave Nirvana shoes. They feel great. I’ll give them a good workout. After 3 pairs of  Brooks Adrenaline GTS, I’m hesitant to change, but this is a great opportunity to try something new. Thanks Mizuno.

The Twilight Four Miler was well organized, gave us nice orange dry fit shirts and fed us burritos at the finish line. Everything you need for a great race.  I’m looking forward to participating in the race next year.

Cascades 10k

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I completed the Cascades 10k on May 23, 2009 with a time of 58:19 pacing at 9:16/mile and finishing 248 out of 330 men. With all the marathon training and the long distance runs on the weekends, I expected the 6.3 miles to be a breeze.  However, this was the first race since starting my marathon training and the adrenaline got the best of me. I knew better then to run with the pack, but did it despite my plan, happily running on a 8 minute mile pace – faster then I ever train. By the halfway mark, my body naturally slowed down and my average ended up near my target pace. I’m going to do a few more races this summer as practice for the big one in October.

The Cascades 10k is a well organized race. Its a charity run for the Sterling Fire Department. The course is managed by firemen. The unique feature of the race is the fire hose to cool you down. You run through it twice and its a welcome relief from the heat. It cools you down before the long hill leading to the finish.

At the end of the race, Outback Steakhouse was serving steak and eggs. The long line was encouragement to finish the race faster next year. The quicker you return the easier it will be to get steak and eggs.  Both the fire hose and steak make this a unique race that I’ll be doing again next year. Hopefully, reaching that 8 minute mile pace.

I tracked my race on Pronater