Leesburg 20k

Sunday Aug 9th, 2009. I ran the Leesburg 20k on a hot and humid day. The weather report set the high at 102 degrees. I was sweating at the starting line. My focus for the day was to keep a steady pace and concentrate on hydration and nutrition. I had trouble on my previous 2 races. I needed to overcome my concerns to build my confidence for the Marine Corps Marathon in October.
Leesburg 20k

I was successful in achieving my goals. I kept my heart rate under control and my pace was nice and steady. You can see the graphs on Pronater. I have renewed confidence. Now, I believe I’ll be able to finish the Marine Corps Marathon. I finished the race in 2:12:44 with a 10:41 pace. This placed me 288 out of 331. Not a great showing. I suspect more experienced runners compete in the 20k distance. I’m happy to complete with no injuries, hydrated and feeling good.

For the last 4 miles, I was neck and neck with a run walker. He would walk. I would pass him. Then he’d run and pass me. I ran at my steady pace. This guy was run walking and keeping up with me. It was so frustrating. My new goal is to not let people run walk against me!

The advertisement for the race promised Ice Cream from Harris Teeter. I was anticipating the ice cream at the finish. It was my main motivation to finish. I got to the end. What did I find? Bananas! They didn’t bring out the ice cream. Disappointing.


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