Shamu Fishing Trip 2009

For the 5th year in a row, I assembled my old college crew for a day of fishing on the Chesapeake. We chartered the trip with Capt. Marty of the Kyran Lynn. He has to be the best captain on the bay. We filled our Rockfish quota by 9:00 AM. Every other boat was watching in awe as our crew reeled in fish after fish. I wasn’t even on my second piece of fried chicken when we filled our quota of 23.

The goal of the trip is to assemble my old crew and retell all the old glory day stories. We achieved our goal. The weather was perfect. The catch was good. The fried chicken was tasty. Nothing like fried chicken on the bay and throwing your bones into the water.

As we’ve gotten older, we see each other less and less. I’m glad to have an annual trip to see everyone at least once a year. We may look older, but college feels like it was yesterday. When we get together, we fall right back into the glory days. I’m sure we will get together again next year and tell the same stories. I can’t wait.


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