34th Marine Corps Marathon


Time to mark another item off the bucket list. I’ve signed up for the 34th Marine Corps Marathon. I’ve always heard its difficult to get into this race. It fills quickly. Luckily, I heard about the registration date yesterday. I made the decision over night.; and clicked to register at noon on April 1st.

The longest distance I’ve ever run is 6.5 miles. I have almost 6 months to train. I’m going to set a personal goal of 4 hours. But, I’ll be happy to finish the marathon. Its is on my life todo list. I’m looking forward to the challenge. It gives me great motivation for exercise and training.


One Response to “34th Marine Corps Marathon”

  1. i stumbled on your blog by accident and thought ” wow this was exactly me 1 year ago!” i decided in July to run a marathon and missed the mcm registration. so i signed up for philly. i had never run more than a 10k either and went to marathonrookie.com and printed out the training schedule. i stuck to it and never missed a day. my goal was around 4 hrs also and i finished in 4:01. you can do it. pick a training schedule and stick to it. two quick tips ( eat healthier, and if you drink, cut that out too while you are training.) a marathon was also on my bucketlist, and now i did it i am hooked. My new goal is 3:40 or better in the mcm this year.

    good luck and feel free to contact me if i can give you any other advice!

    – Mike

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