Jimmy Buffet’s Outrageous Ticket Prices

I’ve seen Jimmy Buffet 9 times. This year, I thought it would be fun to upgrade to nicer seats. It has rained almost every time he plays in Virginia. Getting tickets under the pavilion would keep us dry and give us a better view.  I was willing to pay a little extra; but $313.20 for 2 seats is outrageous.

Jimmy Buffet charges $136.00 a seat. These are section 205. Its the 3rd section back from the stage: orchestra, 100’s, then 200’s. Good but not the best. These seats are $100 more then the lawn seats which sell for $36.00.

On top of the seat cost, Ticketmaster charges a $17.90 convenience charge. Conveniently taking more money from my wallet. And then another $5.40 for processing.  They can’t process my tickets as part of the $17.90 convenience charge?

I was upset at the inflated ticket prices Jimmy Buffet was charging. Does he not realize we are in a recession? But I was shocked at the audacity of Ticketmaster charging $23.30 additional for the convenience of buying tickets from them. Someone needs to break the Ticketmaster monopoly.

I did not buy the tickets.



One Response to “Jimmy Buffet’s Outrageous Ticket Prices”

  1. Good you did not buy!

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