Sea Shepherds

I received my knit hat after donating to the Sea Shepherds.  I became an advocate for the Shepherds after following their adventures in the first season of Whale Wars.  I support their efforts against the Japanese whaling operations. I hope my donation helps save a whale.

In December,  the Japanese whaling fleet headed to the Southern Oceans. They claim they can hunt and kill 900 whales for research. A supposition based on a loophole in the international ban on whaling.  It is widely known the whale meat ends up in Tokyo restaurants.  This is not research. They are hunting and killing whales.

The Sea Shepherds are dedicated to defending the whales.  They go after the Japanese ships and use nonviolent tactics to prevent the ships from killing whales. They toss noxious rotten butter, attempt to board the ships and out maneuver the harpoon ships.  Their mission is clear. Save the whales.

Sea Shepherd Hat worn by crew members of the Steve Erwin

Sea Shepherd Hat worn by crew members of the Steve Erwin

I’ve been following their latest mission: “Operation Musashi”. Since December, they have prevented the ships from killing for over 30 days. The Japanese lose millions of dollars because of the Shepherd’s actions.  This time they came armed. Using military grade acoustic canons and high powered water guns against the peaceful Shepherds. The mission was captured for the 2nd season of Whale Wars.

On February 8th,  the Sea Shepherd ship, the Steve Erwin, ended its mission. Proud of their accomplishments, they had to return to port.  They saved a lot of whales, but couldn’t save them all.  They promise to return next year with a bigger faster ship. I’ll be supporting them.


2 Responses to “Sea Shepherds”

  1. david macdougall Says:

    i support the sscs too. makes you wonder who is the intellrace , the whale are not killing us for a dollar.

  2. Chris Graaf Says:

    Nice site. The episodes were surreal and made me feel obligated to get involved to help Paul Watson and his objectives in preventing the Japanese from killing whales. Although this leaves a bad taste in my mouth with Japanese people I have to remind myself that its the whaling company and not the people. They were brought into the culture of indulging in whale meat. I am sure other nations have similiar negative opinions towards the U.S.

    I wish the best of luck to the Sea Shepard’s crew and a safe campaign.

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