Guitar Hero World Tour Microphone

My wife has joined my band.  I’ve been playing Guitar Hero never realizing my wife wanted to be a lead singer.  After a fun filled night playing Sing Star at a friends house.  I purchased this microphone for my wife.  She loves it. We’ve taken our 2 person band on the World Tour.

If you purchased just the Guitar Hero World Tour game, you can not buy the instruments separately.  This Logitech Microphone is the same as the Official Guitar Hero microphone, just in white. I like it better. It matches the Wii.

Guitar Hero Microphone in my Light Box

Guitar Hero Microphone in my Light Box

You will need a Wii Remote for the player with vocals. The microphone plugs into the back of the Wii via USB. The cord is ample length. The game recognized the microphone as soon as I plugged it in. The singer needs the remote to make selections. It seems pointless, but you need a remote for each person playing.

The game is a lot more fun with my wife singing. Now, we just need to find a drummer and bass player. Maybe, I should have just purchased the whole kit?


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