T the Butcher

My wife was asked to give a presentation on how she made her team number one in the county.  They needed a photo for her introduction.  She came up with this butcher idea.  I used a light on the wall behind her and a light in the front lower right.  I took the photo with a diffused flash.

I’m proud of my wife’s success. She has earned a reputation of being a butcher by taking one of the lowest rated teams and making them number one. The rumor is unfounded. She is a wonderful boss. She wants her team members to be successful and does everything she can to help them. I wish my bosses would put as much effort into my success. However, she doesn’t put up with people who don’t want to work, complain, and aren’t focused.  For those who want to succeed, she’s your best friend; for those who don’t, there is a reason she’s known as the butcher.


One Response to “T the Butcher”

  1. sixspeedsam Says:

    Nice. At least you didn’t ask her to stick her head inside the light box 😉

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