Chinese New Year Celebration – Year of the OX

We had a traditional Chinese New Year’s dinner at my father’s house.  His new wife, Rachel, put together a vast array of dishes. She spent all day cooking to show us how they do it back in Taiwan.  This meal was a lot better then our normal Chinese restaurant celebration.

To make sure we are lucky, wealthy and healthy in the new year, she prepared eight dishes:

  1. Chicken Salad – making money
  2. Fried Rice Noodles – fortune and long life
  3. Fry Years Cake – progress and improve year over year
  4. Dumpling – wealth and fortune
  5. Leaf Mustard – for long and healthy life
  6. Sweet and Sour Fish – prosper each and every year
  7. Hot Pot – happiness, success and best wishes for the family
  8. Red Bean Green Tea Ice cream – happiness

She assembled a beautiful table setting. She even printed out cheat sheets to help us.  I appreciated her hard work.  I hope it pays off.  I could use prosperity and fortune in the new year.


One Response to “Chinese New Year Celebration – Year of the OX”

  1. sixspeedsam Says:

    Nice spread – where was my invite?!? 🙂

    We did the same thing at my brother’s house, although our food didn’t convey any luck, prosperity or health. Oh well. Tasty anyway!

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