LG BD300 Blu-Ray DVD Player with Streaming Netflix

I love my new DVD player. The LG BD300 plays Blu-Ray DVDs in beautiful 1080p. The user interface is clean and easy to use.  It has a quick start up time and is ready to play in seconds.  But most importantly, streams video from my Netflix “watch instantly” queue.

After you connect to the internet, the BD300 gives you a code to activate your player on your Netflix account. As soon as I entered the short code on netflix.com, all my “watch instantly” movies popped up on the screen.  I was impressed with the ease and simplicity of the setup. 30 seconds out of the box, I was streaming movies.

My only complaint with the player is the lack of wireless networking.  There is only an ethernet plug available, and who has a network jack in their AV room? I solved the problem using a Netgear XE102US power line adapter.

I had a pair of Netgear XE102s already running in my house.  I wasn’t sure if I could just buy a third XE102 and plug it in. There is a bit of black magic involved with these devices.  The documentation doesn’t clearly say you can use more then a pair, but one diagram shows a third. I suspect you can use many of these together, and I can confirm three work for sure.

Testing with speakeasy/speedtest; I’m getting 5 Mbs at the BD300.  This is enough to stream HD from Netflix. I watched seasons 1 and 2 of 30 Rock in full HD and could not discern a difference from my regular HD programming.

If you go this route, I had 2 issues.  The LG BD300 did not consistenlty pick up a dynamic IP. I set up a static IP, powered off with the button to save the settings, and now it consistently connects to the internet on startup.

Adding the third XE102 required some plugging and unplugging to intitialize the group.  I found it best to plug in the 2 satilite units and then plug in the router connected one.  Like I said, black magic, but they are all working now.

LG BD300 Network Diagram


One Response to “LG BD300 Blu-Ray DVD Player with Streaming Netflix”

  1. Margot Zastrow Says:

    I have Netflix as well and this seams like a wonderful DVD player – I love it! I subscribe to Clear wireless internet (www.clear.com) in Portland, and I’m a little unsure about how to set up a player like this with my service, but I’m sure that the tech staff at Clear can help me. Again, thank you for bringing this product to my attention.

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