My wife organized a gift donation for a needy family in Lucketts, VA.  She gathered over $1000 in gifts, books, food and decorations from her district at work.  She worked hard, donated time and gathered the generous gifts.  Adopting a family required a lot of time and energy to help the family have a wonderful Christmas.

Car Loads of gifts

We went to WalMart at 6 AM on Black Friday to get the best deal on clothes for the 3 kids.  We ordered, picked up and assembled shiny new bicycles for the children.  A lot of food was gathered for the family; and after realizing their microwave was broken, they found someone to donate a microwave.

The father of the family was having trouble paying off his eye doctor bill. The donations payed off his bill and my wife worked with the doctor to have a new set of frames and lenses donated to the father. It was a touching moment when my wife explained this to him and he teared up.

We gave the 3 kids new bicycles and helmets. We were cautious about their bicycles riding ability.  But, when they saw the bikes with big red bows, they jumped on them and flew down the street disappearing around the corner.  The smallest child, 5 years old, got on the bike with training wheels and took off veered left into a yard and got stuck.  He didn’t know how to use the brakes. This may of been the first time he had been on a bicycle.  These kids will have the best bikes in the neighborhood.

Shiny New Bikes

I’m proud of my wife and her district and I’m grateful I was able to help.  We think we are affected by the recession, but some families had nothing to begin with.  This is reason for season and charity is the best gift of all.


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  1. What a wonderful undertaking and project. Great job!

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