Bringing Wires Back

I’m wired, again. I upgraded my keyboard and mouse and chose the wired versions.  For most people, going wired is a step back in time. I think its a smart choice. I’m choosing function over design.

There are three factors I considered.  First,  Apple does not offer the numeric keypad on the wireless version.  Second,  I’m tired of changing batteries. Third, this may be mental, but I feel a lag in the mouse movement and keyboard response.

I enjoyed the clean style of being wireless; but, being wireless did not provide functional benefit.  I missed my wires, they just work, and I’m happy to be wired again.


One Response to “Bringing Wires Back”

  1. Jon Greaves Says:

    Its not just you, my office and home look exactly the same now.

    The wireless keyboard would be cool for a home media solution but looks plain dumb on a big desk.

    Also I’m now realizing how much lag the bluetooth mighty mouse has and how nice the usb one is.

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