Black Rapid Camera Strap

I purchased a Black Rapid RS-1 Camera strap based on the recommendation from my friend Sam.  After years of searching, this comes close to being the perfect strap.  I rarely carry my Canon 40D on my neck  opting to carry it by hand or slung over one shoulder. I usually bring a bag to hold the heavy camera and lens combination for some relief; making the camera less accessible. The RS-1 solves these problems with an ingenious solution.

Black Rapid RS-1 on Canon 40D

Black Rapid RS-1 on Canon 40D

The Black Rapid is designed to take the weight off of your shoulder and neck while still conveniently keeping it accessible on your side.  Having the strap across your chest removes the strain of carrying around your fancy digital SLR and expensive L lenses.  The innovation of the strap is the ability to quickly bring the camera up into position to take a photo.  It hangs quietly tucked behind your hip, but quickly drawn up for shooting like a gunslinger.



I was initially concerned about the ring mounting point.  It screws into the tripod mount, and uses a lock nut to ensure it doesn’t loosen as you bring the camera up and down.  After some experience, I feel the mount is secure and more importantly trust it with my camera. The only drawback is not being able to sit the camera flat with the ring mount on the bottom.

The strap is made in the USA by professional photographer Ronald Dean Henry. The quality of the strap is top notch and with the innovations it beats every other strap on the market.  My friend Sam recommended the strap to me; now, I’m recommending it to you.

RS-1 Style in the Bathroom

RS-1 Style in the Bathroom

Make sure you watch the great videos on the Black Rapid website.


One Response to “Black Rapid Camera Strap”

  1. sixspeedsam Says:

    Nice – glad you like it Chris! Hopefully your brother enjoys his too.

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