Georgetown Cupcake

The plan was to stop by Georgetown Cupcake and buy 4 cupcakes.  One hour and $30.00 later, we had a dozen of the best cup cakes in DC – and possibly the best in the country. Every weekend, the line starts before the small bakery opens and continues all day until the cupcakes run out.  They sell thousands of cupcakes from their little shop on Potomac St. –  just off M St in Georgetown.

Georgetown Cupcakes

Georgetown Cupcakes

The selection changes daily. Twelve different cupcakes with manifold frosting and everyone of them fluffy and delicious.  We agreed that 2 each would be the healthier and wiser choice. But, the line is long and you spend 20 minutes analyzing the choices. We couldn’t help ourselves from justifying the purchase of a dozen.  One of each is the easy choice.

Georgetown Cupcake is on my “must visit” list for visitors to Washington DC.  Overheard in line, are comments: “I can’t believe there is a line for cupcakes!” and “How good could these cupcake be?”. They are that good and the line is worth it.

The line starts early at Georgetown Cupcake

The line starts early at Georgetown Cupcake

The selection changes daily

The selection changes daily

Dozen for $29.00

Dozen for $29.00


3 Responses to “Georgetown Cupcake”

  1. sixspeedsam Says:

    Chris, if you like cupcakes you gotta try Baked & Wired – There is a cupcake crazy sweeping the nation apparently. Lots of resident foodies on Yelp give B&W higher marks then Georgetown Cupcake. Cupcakes look damn good though!

  2. This photo says go now, don’t wait. Is this photo used by them to advertise their cupcakes? If not, you should submit this photo to them right away.

    I love the chocolate coconut the best! Hum, I think!

  3. Wow! This suggestive selling makes me want to eat one right now. Great photos!

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