Smithsonian Sant Ocean Hall

We visited the Sant Ocean Hall Exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. The exhibit takes you around the world; educating you on the oceans, sea life and the eco systems around them.   This is not an aquarium, so there are no live exhibits except for one fish tank.  However, there are models and displays of the most uncanny sea creatures.  The beutiful displays, roomy atmosphere and bright colors create a wonderful and educational experience.

The Twilight Zone, 200-1000 meters below the surface, has the strangest sea life.  Once you get below 200 meters, the surface light is no longer visible and the monsters come out to play.  The luminescent creatures light up like a carnival at night.  The hunters are intimidating with big teeth and menacing eyes. The exhibit has a short film showing a deep diving submarine going through the Twilight Zone.  This was my favorite part of the exhibit.

Sant Ocean Hall

If you’ve been to the museum in the past, you’d recognize the blue whale in the picture, he’s been there for at least 30 years. I can remember seeing him on field trips in elementary school. The Sant Ocean Hall is a brand new exhibit built around him.

The only thing we missed, was the iMax movie. Make sure you plan enough time to see the exhibit and see the iMax movie “Deep Sea 3D”. Also, don’t forget to go upstairs and see the live butterfly exhibit.


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