Butterflies at the Smithsonian

I visited the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History exhibition “Butterflies Plants: Partners in Evolution“. The exhibit is a sealed room of live butterflies surrounding you in their natural habitat. Having exotic butterflies fluttering around posing for photos is magnificent. There was an amazing manifold of colors and species to be found. I never imagined I would have an opportunity to take photos of these wonderful creatures; all in one location.

Check out the full gallery


3 Responses to “Butterflies at the Smithsonian”

  1. sixspeedsam Says:

    Nice pics! Mirror image one is my favorite.

  2. In many of life’s teachings we use the theory of “Butterfly’s Metamorphosis” to describe our spiritual growth. I have thought of this often and never really appreciated it until I saw these beauties from the eye of your camera. What a wonder they are!

  3. […] If you’ve been to the museum in the past, you’d recognize the blue whale in the picture, he’s been there for at least 30 years. I can remember seeing him on field trips in elementary school. The Sant Ocean Hall is a brand new exhibit built around him.  The only thing we missed, was the iMax movie. Make sure you plan enough time to see the exhibit and see the iMax movie “Deep Sea 3D”. Also, don’t forget to go upstairs and see the live butterfly exhibit. […]

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