I Want My MTV

I want my MTV! Growing up in the 80’s, I was part of the music video revolution. Video killed the Radio Star and I loved it. MTV was my go to channel during commercials and the first channel I watched after putting down my Nintendo controllers.

I tried to watch my MTV through the 90’s, finally abandoning the channel in the mid 00’s. I still watch the occasional reality show, but I lost of the joy of music video. Embarrassingly, I’ve come to enjoy VH1 – the grown up music channel – more then MTV.

MTV surprised me this week, with the release of http://www.mtvmusic.com. They put most of their video library online for those of us who miss music video.  These videos have been available on YouTube, but getting your music from the source feels more comfortable.  I’ve picked out a couple videos for you, but please support the website. MTV is finally doing something related to music and I love it.

Interestingly, mtvmusic.com is painfully slow while I write this entry, so I not going to embed any videos. I hope this is a scaling problem – meaning they have much more traffic then expected.  Good luck MTV, welcome back.


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