NetFlix RESTful API

I’m very impressed with the new NetFlix API. They have fully embraced the RESTful architecture and exposed all their resources through proper URI.  They are now the shining example of a great RESTful API. Following proper RESTful style has proven difficult for a lot of companies; while their API’s are very useful, they tend to follow the REST-RPC hybrid style.

NetFlix is also using OAuth for their authentication. OAuth just keeps growing in popularity, and having NetFlix become a Service Provider helps the cause. I also noticed they are using the Mashery service to meter their API usage.

They have a firefox plugin named Flixo to walk through the API. Seems a little buggy right now and I haven’t been successful at getting it to authorize me. Once I request OAuth, the confirmation window will never close 😦

This is a hot API, I’m looking forward to see what people do with it. I already have a couple ideas.

Here is a great write up by Joesph Smarr


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