SmugShot to Twitter Integration

As a SmugMug user, I’ve been very excited to use SmugShot while out and about with my iPhone.  The problem for me has been posting photos and still being able to keep my friends up to date. I have been using Twitpic to tweet  photos  to all my friends on Twitter. I actually found myself double posting my photos so I can have a copy on SmugMug and still notify my friends via Twitter.  I’ve come up with a solution using Twitterfeed and SmugMug feeds which allows me to only use SmugMug and have my new uploads announced on Twitter.

First, I had to create a SmugMug Atom Feed

Note: NickName is my nickname and Data=smugshot is the tag that is autotagged by SmugShot (make sure you leave this on). The alternate would be you create a special tag like “twitter” and pull those in your feed.

Next, I created an account on and set it up to post my updates from the feed every 30 minutes.

I selected use “Title Only” as the caption from SmugShot is in the title field.

Now, I post a photo to my SmugMug account using SmugShot and TwitterFeed will post it to Twitter with a nice short url. And, Bob’s your uncle.


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