Amsterdam and Frankfurt Photos

In April, we had a very enjoyable trip visiting some friends in Frankfurt. We visited
the Mercedes and Porsche Museums in Stuttgart. We also spent a day in Heidelberg, which
I would recommend to anyone visiting Germany.

The second half of our trip we spent in Amsterdam. The city is amazing and you should go soon
as the rumors are the Red Light District will be shut down this year. The most memorable part of the
trip was a heading out to the Kenkenhof area. While the gardens are amazing and worth a visit,
they are very crowded in mid April which is the peak time for the tulips. From the parking lot
of the Kenkenhof, you can rent bicycles for 8.5 euros and ride around the bulb fields. I found
that to be one of the more enjoyable adventures I’ve had in Europe. They provide a very
well laid out route map and the ground is very flat so the riding is very easy. Judging from
the amount of people we saw on the trails, most people don’t take advantage of the opportunity,
so make sure you do when you visit.

A few of my pictures are displayed in the badge below, you can see my full set at Flickr


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