Klean Drinking Water

In the latest issue of Time, there was an article titled “Freshen Up Your Drink”. The main point of the article was that reusing single use water bottles is bad for your health. The typical purchased water bottle (Dasani, Kirkland, Deer Park) comes in a bottle made of Polyethylene Terephthalate and is only designed for single use. You buy it at the store, drink the water and throw it away. Typically, I buy one of these bottles and refill it many times from the office water cooler. I thought I was helping save the earth but reusing these bottles multiple times before throwing them away.

Apparently, the plastic used for these bottles degrades with use and actually hosts germs and bacteria from your mouth. The more you use one of these bottles the more contaminated it becomes. Its just disgusting.

The article continues by evaluating reusable bottles by Nalgene made out of Polycarbonate. These are the the most common reusable bottle I’ve seen. But these bottles seep BPA, a synthetic hormone that mimics estrogen. This means if your using a Polycarbonate bottle, your drinking estrogen. If that isn’t bad enough, if you put hot water in one of these it seeps 55x as fast.

Klean Kanteen

After some research, I decided to purchase a Klean Kanteen. This is made out of the same stainless steel used in professional kitchens and is as inert as drinking out of a glass. If you read the FAQ on the Klean website it explains how they are one of the cleanest drinking containers you can use. I never knew how bad plastic water bottles could be, and was happy and fine reusing my bottles. But once you take the blue pill you can never go back.

Any experienced developer knows not to use a regular glass during coding sessions. I’ve learned over the years after spilling on my keyboard and laptops one to many times. Yes, I need a water bottle sippy cup 🙂 but my computer thanks for me for it.

Update (4/10/08) The Today show has done a special on this subject:


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