Super Mac Book Pro 4 GB and 320 GB Upgrade

When the new Mac Book Pros were released last week, I decided the Pynren and new touch pad didn’t warrant
an upgrade. So, I decided to upgrade my current 2.4 GHz Mac Book Pro. Here are a couple tips
on ways to upgrade your current MBP and make it a Super Mac Book Pro.

Upgrade your memory to 4 GB

I was surprised how cheap laptop memory has become. You can get a 4GB matched set from Mac Sales for only $95.00
now. Amazing! Upgrading memory is very easy, Apple even has a help page.

Upgrade your Hard Drive to 320 GB

You can purchase this Western Digital 320 GB Passport 2.5″ USB 2.0 Hard Drive for $169.99. Some guys at work found this drive for $149.00 at Best Buy. The trick is the drive
inside is actually much nicer then the specifications posted on Amazon. Once you crack it open you will see that it is actually a Western Digital Scorpio (320 GB, 3 Gb/s, 8 MB Cache, 5400 RPM). A VERY nice drive for only $169.99.

Doing the upgrade is made very easy because of the external enclosure it comes with. You plug the drive in and use Disk Utility to “restore” your current drive to the external drive. Then you just have to crack open the drive, shown in this video being done one handed.

Once you have cracked open the WD case, you can open your mac book and perform the swap. I followed this photo walk through.
After the 320GB drive has been installed, you can take your old drive and put it in the external case, so you still have
150GB external drive. I’ve decided to not reformat my old drive for about a month, just “in case”.

The memory upgrade is very easy, the hard drive is a little more challenging. Please make sure you track all the screws and their locations because you pull a lot of them out and they are all different sizes. For tools you need a #00 screw driver and a T6 Trox. You can pick both up from Sears for about $4.00 each.

Note after your restart your computer from the hard drive swap. Spotlight will reindex everything. This took about 20 minutes and was spiking my CPU. At first I thought the new drive and memory was much slower, but once Spotlight (mdworker) stopped. Everything seemed much snappier then before I started.

Good Luck building your Super Mac Book Pro


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